The Houxi Point (SI3), first mentioned in the “Huangdi Neijing: Lingshu: Benshu” chapter, is a critical point on the Small Intestine Meridian of Hand Taiyang and is one of the eight intersecting points, connecting with the Governor Vessel.

“Houxi” translates to ‘back stream’ in English. “Hou” means ‘back’, referring to the location of the point along the Governor Vessel on the back, and “xi” means ‘stream’, indicating the path of qi and blood flow. This point is where the qi and blood flow out towards the back along the Governor Vessel.

As an intersecting point of the eight vessels, Houxi can communicate with other blood vessels in the body. Clinically, it’s used for issues with the cervical and lumbar spine, and even for eye problems, showing significant effectiveness.

Locating the Point:

To locate Houxi, make a fist. The point is at the end of the transverse crease behind the knuckles.

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Houxi point

Main Functions and Indications:

In “Tongxuan Zhiyao Fu”, it’s recommended for epilepsy, mania, and for calming headaches and neck pain.
“Elbow Back Song” mentions its use for pain in the ribs, legs, and back.
“Yulong Song” suggests using Houxi for treating malaria.
“Shengyu Song” indicates its effectiveness in treating various convulsions.
“Bai Zheng Fu” prescribes it for leg pain and jaundice.
“Lanjiang Fu” highlights its role in treating disorders of the Governor Vessel and mania.
Preventive Health and Fitness:

1, Rolling and Rubbing Houxi Point:
For those who work or study in front of a computer for long periods, placing the Houxi area of both hands on the edge of the desk and rolling them back and forth with the wrist can stimulate this point. This action can be casually done for a few minutes throughout the day, relieving waist soreness, neck fatigue, and dry eyes after a day’s work.

2, Pinching Houxi for Acute Lower Back Pain:
If you suddenly twist your back, or it gets cold during the night, causing acute lower back pain, pinching and pressing Houxi and gently rotating the waist can quickly alleviate the pain. Houxi, being a point on the Small Intestine Meridian and connected to the Governor Vessel, is particularly effective for treating acute lower back pain.

3, Stimulating Houxi to Regulate the Governor Vessel:
Houxi, as a transporting point of the Small Intestine Meridian, can disperse wind-cold, remove wind-dampness, unblock meridians, and relieve pain. It’s also crucial for treating headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and pain in the elbow, arm, and little finger.

4, Regulating the Heart Meridian and Calming the Mind:
The Small Intestine Meridian is closely related to the Heart Meridian. Stimulating Houxi can regulate the Heart Meridian, clear the mind, and is used to treat conditions like epilepsy, mania, dry organs, etc. It’s also used for ear and throat conditions like deafness, tinnitus, dizziness, and throat pain. Clinically, it’s often used for neurological, ENT, and musculoskeletal disorders.

Sit with palms facing upwards and hands lightly clenched. Use the thumb of the other hand to press and pinch Houxi. The intensity should be tolerable, with a distinct feeling of soreness but without breaking the skin. Do this once in the morning and evening, for 1-2 minutes each time, alternating between hands.



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