Welcome to Forest House SPA Membership!

As a valued member of Forest House SPA, your monthly fee of $70 acts as a cash voucher that can be used to offset service charges. Here’s how it works:


Ling becomes a member by paying $70. When he comes to our spa for a 60-minute massage, normally priced at $63, he not only enjoys a 10% discount as a member benefit but also has this service charge deducted directly from his membership fee until it is fully utilized.

Get a membership and enjoy five awesome services.


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Exclusive Member Benefits

10% Discount on All Services

Members enjoy a 10% discount across all our services.

Nationwide Validity

Your membership is valid at all Forest House SPA locations.

Rollover of Unused Credits

If your monthly membership balance is not fully used, it rolls over to the next month and remains valid until fully spent or membership cancellation.

Flexible Cancellation

Members can cancel their membership at any time. The membership becomes inactive immediately upon cancellation.

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