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For centuries, a scalp care method has been cherished as the key to not just a healthy scalp, but also overall well-being. At Forest House Body & Head Spa, we delve into this ancient wisdom, offering a transformative experience that connects your scalp to your vitality.

Head Spa: The Art of Holistic Healing

Our Head Spa uses water and pressurized jets to expertly massage your body, focusing on your head, neck, and shoulders. This holistic approach includes deep cleansing, detoxification, and improved circulation. Techniques like kneading and compression alleviate upper body stress. Scalp massage stimulates nerves and blood vessels while we also offer facial massage for complete head relaxation. The result? Profound relaxation and invigoration.

Unlock Wellness Through Your Head

We view your scalp as the foundation of health. By accessing your body through scalp acupressure points, we promote natural well-being. Our head spa not only addresses scalp issues but also enhances overall balance, leaving you energized and your hair soft and lustrous.

The Secret of Our Head Spa

Rooted in Chinese Herbal Medicine and traditional techniques, our scalp spa uses fresh Chinese Herbal Medicines crafted by master technicians. At Forest House, we prioritize your well-being.

Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment

Duration : 30min

Experience tranquility with our 30-minute Aromatic Head Treatment, blending essential oil massages and traditional Chinese acupressure to boost relaxation, scalp health, and reduce stress. Perfect for a quick, rejuvenating pause.

Note: This service is water-free and does not include scalp testing to ensure uninterrupted relaxation. For a hair wash or scalp test, please specify when booking—be aware, these requests will reduce massage time and are included in the service duration.

$ 59
$ 48

HydroScalp Treatment

Duration: 60min

Dive into a scalp renewal experience starting with a health check and herbal oil nourishment. Enjoy a 5-minute massage, meridian Gua Sha, deep cleansing, and TCM herbal tonics for anti-hair loss and improved follicle health, complemented by hydration care for ultimate scalp and hair protection.

Note: Focused on scalp and hair care, excluding full-body massages. Neck and shoulder massages available upon request. For long, extended, dyed, tangled, or curly hair, booking a 90-minute session is advised.

$ 98
$ 78

Stress Melt Scalp Treatment


Treat yourself to a 90-minute indulgent Head Treatment, featuring a 60-minute head hydrotherapy session, enhanced with a hair mask steam. Enjoy targeted massages for the forehead, ears, shoulders, neck, chest, arms, hands, legs, and feet, alongside stretching exercises for the hamstrings and lower back. This all-encompassing session is crafted to offer profound relaxation and revitalization for the entire body and mind.

$ 138
$ 118

Anti-Aging Scalp Therapy


Our Anti-Aging Scalp Therapy is designed to combat scalp aging issues, including hair loss, premature graying, scalp fragility, and sensitivity. This comprehensive 120-minute treatment combines innovative techniques such as meridian red light scalp heating, ozone sterilization, microcurrent stimulation of scalp cells, and scalp oxygenation with the classic 90-minute scalp therapy process. Experience a complete scalp rejuvenation and regain your youthful vitality.

$ 198
$ 168
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