Medical Massage ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ $80—-60Min | $120—-90Min | $160—-120Min

Medical massage is a specialized therapy that addresses specific medical conditions and promotes overall health and well-being. It is performed by skilled and knowledgeable massage therapists with additional anatomy, physiology, and pathologies training.

Super Strong Massage Therapy~~~~~~~~~~~~~$80—-60Min |$120—-90min | $160—-120Min

Details: If you are looking for a massage that mostly focus on stretching, or very strong pressure, then this is the right massage style for you.

Our Massage Therapist will use their super strong hand do a very deep pressure combine with the technics like : Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Sports and Thai Stretch depend on your needs.

Reflexology Massage with Herbal Medcine Soaking~~~~~~~~~~~~$59—-60Min | $89—-90Min

  Herbal Medcine :  Soaking the feet which can enhance the reflexology results ,good for blood circulation ,detoxi and improve the sleeping quality.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$89—-60Min | $119—-90Min

  A professional Lymphatic drainage massage will bring you the below Benefits :

1,Boosts the Immune System.

2,Aids in Gut Health.

3,Reduces Fluid Retention.

4,Enhances Your Radiance.

Pregnatal | Post Pregnancy Massage~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$89—-60Min | $119—-90Min

  Benefit for stress reduction, pain relief, Emotional wellbeing,improved sleep.

Cupping ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$50—30min |

Cupping is a traditional Chinese medical therapy known as “fire cupping” or “suction cup therapy.” In this practice, specially designed cups are placed on the patient’s skin, and a vacuum is created inside the cups, which causes them to adhere to the skin’s surface. Traditional cupping often involves cups made of glass or plastic, but modern medical practices may also use other materials, such as silicone. The cups may be heated with a flame, typically alcohol-soaked cotton balls, before being placed on the skin. The heat creates a vacuum effect as the air inside the cup cools, drawing the skin and underlying tissue into the cup. The marks left by cupping on the skin are typically temporary and will fade over time.

ADD-ON to enhance massage benefits (please notice: into the massage time, no extra time )

Cupping (back): ——————————————————-$15

Dynamic Cupping(back):——————————————-$30

Back | Full Body Exfoliation:————————————–$15|$30

Hot Stone:—————————————————————-$15

Mini facial:————————————————————$30

Aromatherapy/CBD oil:——————————————–$15

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