C1: Body Massage with Back Facial and Hot Stone Therapy

This service combines the therapeutic benefits of a full-body massage, the deep cleansing and nourishing effects of a back facial, and the soothing warmth of hot stone therapy. Ideal for those seeking relief from muscular tension, skin rejuvenation for the back, and overall relaxation, this comprehensive treatment addresses both physical and aesthetic needs, promoting a sense of well-being and leaving the skin clear and refreshed.

90 minutes $138 ——– Click to learn more

Overview: A balanced session that offers targeted relief and skin rejuvenation, incorporating hot stones for enhanced muscle relaxation.

Experience:The session begins with a 45-minute back facial addresses skin concerns such as clogged pores, back acne, and dry skin. The treatment includes steamer, cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), heat oil massage with hot stone , a mask, and hydration, improving the skin’s texture and appearance. Following the massage, a 45-minute rest-body massage using hot stones, which helps to relax the muscles more deeply than standard massage techniques alone. The heat from the stones penetrates the muscle layers, promoting blood flow and easing tension.

120 minutes $168 —— Click to learn more

Overview: Experience ultimate relaxation and skincare with our comprehensive session, offering ample time for a deeply rejuvenating massage, an extensive back facial, and the therapeutic advantages of hot stone therapy.

Experience:This luxurious treatment begins with a thorough 60-minute back facial, starting with steaming to open pores, followed by deep cleaning, exfoliation, extractions (if needed),hot stone massage, a customized mask, and hydration. Then, transition into a 60-minute rest-body massage with hot stones, targeting tension areas for deep relaxation and stress relief. This holistic approach combines skin rejuvenation with muscle relaxation, providing an escape from daily stressors and leaving you with glowing, rejuvenated skin and a relaxed body and mind.

C2: Body Massage with Facial and Reflexology

Indulge in a blissful escape with our Body Massage with Facial and Reflexology session, tailored to provide complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

90-Minute Session: $138 ———- Click to lear more

Overview: This session offers a harmonious blend of massage therapy, facial treatment, and reflexology in a 90-minute session.

Experience: The experience begins with a 40-minute body massage targeting key muscle groups to relieve tension and promote relaxation. Following the massage, enjoy a 30-minute facial treatment customized to your skin’s needs, including cleansing, exfoliation, mask application, and hydration. The session concludes with a 20-minute reflexology session, where skilled therapists apply pressure to specific points on your feet to promote balance and well-being.

120-Minute Session: $168 ——– Click to lear more

Overview: Indulge in an extended session for a more immersive experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Experience: This extended session allows for deeper relaxation and enhanced skincare benefits. Enjoy a 60-minute body massage to thoroughly ease muscle tension and promote overall well-being. Following the massage, luxuriate in a 30-minute facial tailored to address your skin’s unique concerns, leaving your complexion radiant and refreshed. The session concludes with a 30-minute reflexology session, providing holistic balance and revitalization.

Combining the therapeutic benefits of massage, the rejuvenating effects of facial treatments, and the holistic wellness of reflexology, our Body Massage with Facial and Reflexology sessions offer a complete escape from the stresses of daily life, leaving you feeling renewed, revitalized, and deeply relaxed.

C3 : Body Massage with Reflexology

This holistic treatment combines the therapeutic techniques of body massage with the ancient practice of reflexology to deliver a deeply relaxing and healing experience. Reflexology focuses on applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands, and ears, which correspond to different body organs and systems. This combination aims to promote overall wellness, reduce stress, and improve circulation. The service is tailored to individual needs, ensuring a personalized and rejuvenating experience.

60 minutes $60 ——Click to lear more

Overview: Ideal for those seeking a quick refresh or are new to massage and reflexology. This session offers a focused approach, targeting key areas to relieve tension and promote a sense of balance and wellbeing.

Experience: Begins with a brief consultation to identify your areas of concern, followed by a 45-minute body massage that focuses on relieving muscular tension and improving circulation. The session concludes with a 15-minute reflexology treatment, emphasizing relaxation and the balancing of energy pathways.

75 minutes $75 —– Click to lear more

Overview: A more extended session that allows for a deeper exploration of tension areas, enhancing the relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

Experience: After identifying your needs, the session starts with a 55-minute body massage, integrating various techniques to address muscular stiffness and discomfort. This is followed by a 20-minute reflexology treatment, focusing on specific reflex points to promote healing and stress relief.

90 minutes $90 ——- Click to lear more

Overview: Perfect for those looking to achieve a more profound state of relaxation and wellbeing. This duration allows for comprehensive coverage of both body massage and reflexology.

Experience: The session kicks off with a detailed consultation, followed by a 65-minute body massage that delves deeper into your tension areas, employing techniques tailored to your body’s needs. A 25-minute reflexology session enhances the therapeutic effects, targeting more reflex points to improve overall health and vitality.

105 minutes $105 —— Click to lear more

Overview: An extended session designed for individuals seeking an in-depth therapeutic experience, offering ample time to address multiple areas of tension and stress.

Experience: Begins with an in-depth discussion of your wellness goals, followed by a 75-minute body massage that thoroughly works through your tension spots with customized pressure and techniques. A 30-minute reflexology treatment follows, providing a detailed focus on reflex points associated with your specific health concerns, promoting healing and a sense of wellness.

120 minutes $120 —— Click to lear more

Overview: The ultimate relaxation and therapeutic session for those looking to fully immerse in the benefits of massage and reflexology, addressing all areas of concern comprehensively.

Experience: This luxurious session allows for a full-body massage lasting 85 minutes, meticulously addressing each muscle group with techniques tailored to your preferences and body’s needs. The massage is complemented by a 35-minute reflexology treatment, offering the most extensive coverage of reflex points for maximum therapeutic benefit and relaxation.

Each session is designed to offer a unique and fulfilling experience, with the duration allowing the therapist to tailor the treatment to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

C4: Customized Body Massage with European Facial

This luxurious combination service merges the soothing effects of a body massage with the revitalizing benefits of a European facial. Aimed at delivering both physical relaxation and facial rejuvenation, this service caters to those looking to pamper their body and nourish their skin simultaneously. The European facial is known for its deep cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration process, tailored to suit individual skin types and concerns, promoting a radiant complexion. Paired with a body massage, it ensures a holistic approach to relaxation and skincare.

75 minutes : $125 ——- Click to lear more

Overview: Perfect for a refreshing break, this session combines a brief, stress-relieving body massage with a standard European facial.

Experience: The service starts with a 30-minute body massage to loosen muscle tension and promote relaxation. It’s followed by a 45-minute European facial, which includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, and a hydrating mask, leaving the skin refreshed and glowing.

90 minutes : $138 ——- Click to lear more

Overview: An enhanced pampering experience that allows for a more thorough massage and a complete facial treatment.

Experience: This session begins with a 45-minute body massage, addressing key areas of tension and providing deeper relaxation. The massage is complemented by a 45-minute European facial, incorporating all essential steps—cleansing, exfoliation, extraction (if needed), and hydration—for a revitalized and nourished complexion.

120 minutes : $198 ——- Click to lear more

Overview: The ultimate indulgence, offering extensive time for a comprehensive body massage and an advanced European facial with additional treatments.

Experience: The experience kicks off with a 60-minute full-body massage, meticulously targeting areas of tension and ensuring profound relaxation. Following the massage, a 60-minute European facial offers an in-depth skin treatment including cleansing, exfoliation, personalized mask, and possibly special serums or treatments tailored to specific skin concerns, maximizing the rejuvenating effects on the skin.

Each session duration is thoughtfully designed to cater to different needs and preferences, providing a balanced blend of body relaxation and facial skincare. Whether you’re in need of a quick refresh or seeking an extensive pampering session, the “Body Massage with European Facial” service promises a holistic wellness journey, leaving you relaxed and your skin revitalized.

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